• 4 Best Indicators for Weekend Traders market (OTC)

    My successful indicator for the weekend market.

    Trading over the weekend has been everyone’s favorite passion. Why? because someone who has been making a profit or lost over the weekdays and wish to continue the great battle with the market over the weekend. Not all trading platform have this OTC features or assets. One of the best profit % for OTC IS IQ OPTION.
    Do take note, OTC is over the counter trade, the banks are closed so the graph and statistics are not base on real live charts. Risky to trade but with great indicator and strategy you can earn a lot from OTC.
    I will teach you how to do that 🙂

    Relative Strength Index ( RSI )

    RSI is a simple yet effective Indicator, it was developed by Welles Wilder to determine oversold and overbought.
    That’s a very basic strategy for trading, You buy when it’s oversold and sell when it’s overbought right?
    It is best to have the default settings first and play around with the settings once you understand the concept of this indicator. One of the effective ways is to wait till its overbought at 70% and while exiting the 70% overbought to purchase a PUT. Same for the opposite side 30% and buy the CALL option.



    But this alone won’t determine your ITM. This has to be put to a test, and also add other indicators to boost your winning percentage. And again I am going to teach you how….

    Bollinger Bands (BB)

    One of the key tools that are used by pro traders is Bollinger bands. Invented by John Bollinger himself.
    its simple to use and it works as a guideline and tells you if the market is oversold or overbought.
    This Bollinger band works really well with Candle Sticks pattern. Try it for yourself using the Demo Account provided by IQ OPTION and everything is free.


    Try not to use the Bollinger when it’s squeezing tight as it might change into another trend or a sudden jump in price. Do not use this when there is a super long downtrend or uptrend. It works well for linear or straight market trend. How to know what kind of trend the market is going through? Urh… okay I will teach you again 🙂


    Moving Average (MA)

    Moving average is one of the most popular tools for traders who do a long term trade. You can also add this indicator to check what kind of trend is the market or asset going through. There are many types of Moving averages; Weighted moving average (WMA), exponential moving average (EMA), and for the beginners, i would suggest using SMA which is the Smooth moving average to check if its uptrend or downtrend. When such trend occurs, it is risky to use the Bollinger bands strategy of Overbought/Oversold. IQ Option has all these tools for you to use and demo for freeIt is advised to test the market with all these indicators. All settings are set to default until you fully understand the usage of these indicators. Moving averages can also be combined with another indicator and I will guide you and teach you how to use a very strong indicator.


    Moving averages

    Awesome Oscillator (AO)

    This is one of the famous indicator used by all kinds of traders. It can be combined with the SMA. It determines the Strength of CALL and the strength of PUT. The image below shows you how to combine SMA and AO for strong signals. Green shows that the strength of going up and the red shows the strength of going down. With all these Free indicators by IQ OPTION, it is advised to test first before you start your day with trading.




    With that, I wish you all traders a success in trading. Do not forget to subscribe to our free Signal service. Contact us here or our Facebook PAGE and get your free signals and trading guide.  Hope we beat the market together 🙂