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    Binary Options Signals? Scammed

    What is “Binary Options Signals”?

    In binary options, signals are notifications/alert for traders who wishes to trade currency pairs or stocks market but have limited time to spare to look into the market or the live charts.

    Traders will be given instructions on how to trade, what to trade, expiry time, in binary options.

    Binary Options Signals are getting popular and used by traders who have limited access to a desktop or big screens. Binary Options Signals is commonly used by part-time traders and on the go traders with Mobile devices.



    How does it work?

    Binary Options Signals

    Simple, binary options signals come in many formats. Some with SR(Strike Rate) or SP(Strike Price) given.

    There are many ways to receive Binary Options Signals. Telegram, Whatsapp, Skype, and other applications that allow mass broadcasting messages. Whatsapp would be the popular ones as most smartphone users are equipped with WhatsApp messenger.

    The highly recommended one would be telegram as we are looking into latency issues here. Whatsapp no? Can but most traders are turbo traders here, we tested, telegram, sends/receive signals as fast as 0.5 Seconds.

    binary options signals

    General Risk Warning: The financial services provided by this website carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds. You should never invest money that you cannot afford to lose.


    How to Choose the best Binary Options Signals Provider?

    There are many signals provider out there, so how do we choose or judge which is the best binary options signals provider?

    • Signals Accuracy
    • Winning percentage
    • Live Sessions
    • Random generated Signals
    • Longer expiry
    • Turbo expiry
    • History of trade records
    • The Secret of Signals (Revealed!!)

    For signals accuracy, of course, we would want the signals to be given to us with Strike Price of the currencies. To be more accurate, screenshots of the entry is given by the signal provider meaning, the experts or signal provider is a trader himself, and trades together with you, that would be the best accuracy. If the expert wins, so do you; just copy the experts.

    binary options signals entry binary options signals itm


    For winning percentage, is the ITM rate. Out of 10 signals given, how many signals were ITM (in the money) and OTM (out the money)? In a case of 10 signals given for a day, 7 were ITM and 3 were OTM thus winning or ITM percentage is 70%.

    binary options signals results

    Execution of the Binary Options Signals: live session

    The live session would be very important in binary options signals. Traders definitely need to know what time to start trading as they would not want to miss the trading sessions. As most traders are on mobile, they have their full-time job or commitments, chances to miss the signals are highly likely.

    Binary Options Signals

    binary options signals guide

    Try not to subscribe with signals provider that provides randomly generated signals at random time throughout the day. You will definitely miss the signals during your work time when you are busy dating or shopping. When you miss the signals, you get agitated, panic and starts to trade big and inconsistent amount, usually big amounts, and that happen to be that very unlucky OTM signals.


    Expiry time selection and why it matters!

    The longer expiry signals in the binary mode believe to be producing higher accuracy than the turbo signals. Things to consider trading binary mode (15min expiry to 1 hour or end of day trades)

    Lesser deals, lower profit percentage (in IQ Option). Trading with lower profit % is risky and even with higher ITM rate, you will still be at the losing end.

    Comparing 90% profit (turbo mode) and 70% profit (binary mode) is really a big difference in trading. Most traders lose their capital because they do not see this percentage.

    Binary Options Signals

    The Turbo trading consists of 1 minute to 5-minute expiry with the returns of up to 94% profit. Highly recommended to trade with higher profit percentage and shorter expiry, not 1 minute but 5-minute expiry. 1-minute expiry is too risky and would not be considered as trading rather gambling. With 5-minute expiry deals, some binary options signals provider generates up to 100 signals per day.

    The mode of Signal Broadcasting, Binary Options Signals

    One of the reasons why we recommend using telegram channels to receive signals is to be able to check past records and history messages. With these, you can check real winning and lose records trade for the past 1 week or months or even years! From there, you make the judgement.


    The secret of Binary Options Signals! Revealed!

    What is the secret in choosing the best binary options signals? We will show you the secret and you decide!

    ITM percentage is what matters most to you? What attracts you in choosing binary options signals provider? 70% ITM RATE? 80% ITM RATE? Or even 99% rate?

    binary options signals example

    This will be a good example that attracts traders into joining binary options signals. Let’s see FIVE signals and 90% rate. I can give you a 100% ITM Rate, EUR-USD CALL EXPIRY 5 minutes, ITM! The trading session ends. 100% ITM! 10 Signals with 70% ITM rate will be 7 ITM 3 OTM.

    Below we will take a look at a sample common scenarios on what happened when we trade with signals.

    Binary Options Signals

    Let us count the profits. Considering brokers profit returns is 85% and with Money management;

    Capital 1000 with 90% ITM RATE

    Trades: 3% of capital = 30
    10 signals 90% ITM RATE
    9 ITM x 30 = 270
    270 x 85% profit = 229.5
    1 OTM x 30 = 30
    229.5(ITM) – 30(OTM) = 199.5
    Total Profit with 90% ITM rate = 199.5
    Well yeah! Profitable!
    Let’s compare with a lower % ITM rate.

    Capital 1000 with 60% ITM RATE

    Trades: 3% of capital = 30
    100 signals of 60% ITM RATE
    60 ITM x 30 = 1800
    1800 x 85% profit = 1530
    40 OTM x 30 = 1200
    1530(ITM) – 1200(OTM) = 330
    Total profit with 60% ITM rate = 330
    More profitable

    Another comparison

    Capital 1000 with 56% ITM RATE

    Trades 3% of capital 30
    600 signals of 56% ITM RATE
    336 ITM x 30 = 10,080
    10,080 x 85% profit = 8568
    264 OTM x 30 = 7920
    8568(ITM) – 7920(OTM) = 648
    Total profit with 56% ITM RATE = 648

    More profitable.

    So let’s take a look at this simple terminology.

    A test is done between 10 men to see if they are smokers or not. 7 out of 10 says they are smokers. (70%). This shows that 70% of men in the world are smokers. Doesn’t seem right.

    Results are only valid over a long period and data and also consistency. a 90% 10 signal a day proves nothing over a 60% accuracy of the signal in a span of over a year.

    Do the math and see and test, before committing yourself to a particular binary options signals provider.

    Binary Options Signals

    General Risk Warning: The financial services provided by this website carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds. You should never invest money that you cannot afford to lose