• Speed Test Try this speed test method now!

    Why is speed test important in trade world?

    You think speed test is not important. Perhaps you never tried one before? You are going to execute a fast trade. Speed is important. You do not want to have lags or delays in executing orders, resulting brokers to echo you with “trade not executed.

    Use this speed test tool above and select Europe server. Any will do.

    speed test

    Choose settings. Then select Change Server. Make sure you pick any server that is located in the European regions.speed testIn this particular example, I am going to try Barcelona, European region.

    speed test

    The results showed me a 247ms ping or response time. This is not particularly bad but if you are a serious trader, you might want to get it as low as 50ms.

    Consider using VPS when you trade with EA or bots with MT4. Buy a server located around European region and run your MT4 instances there!

    What you need is not the speed but the ping. This will show how fast it echoes from your computer to the European server since most brokers servers are on the European server.

    If you know exactly your broker’s server region, do select them.

    Happy speed test -ing.